Paul Fisher is an ordinary kid [ ] from Houston who transferred to Tangerine,Florida. Paul loves soccer. He is actually a goalkeeper. He has thick goggles that was caused by looking directly to a solar-eclipse. [This isn't the real reason why he has an aye problem ... ] Paul is an IPE student (because of his sight), that's why on his first few days [he] wasn't able to play. Paul has a brother, Erik, whom he hates very much. In the first few pages of Tangerine, he was hit by a baseball bat on his face and was blaming Erik for this.He is afraid of him. Paul has a lot of good friends in Tangerine middle school. Like Theresa,Tino, Gino and more.

Good Traits

Paul has a lot of good traits. He is very persevering, courageous, never stops until he accomplishes his goal in his life. Paul is a perfect example of a good model. Paul is very persevering and never stops doing what he does. For example, Paul never stops trying to play on the soccer team. He tried his best to be in the team even though he doesn't have a chance into joining the team, but at the last few pages of Tangerine he got in.

Bad Traits

Everybody does not only have a set of good traits, they also have bad traits. Paul fisher has a lot of good traits, he is courageous,persevering,
never stops until he accomplishes his goals and a lot more. Paul has also bad traits too, but very minimal. Paul is negative sometimes, like when the coach told him he cant join the team anymore because of his disability, he was negative but he never stopped asking if he could join the team. Paul hates his brother so much and he blames it on Erik. Like when he taught that the guy who hit him with a baseball bat in the face was Erik and blamed him for it.

What makes him qualified?

Paul is a very good person in a lot of ways. He helps his friends,he is a good model for others,persevering,courageous,never stops,and more.
All of those things are qualities of a leader. Being a leader is very hard. You must be responsible and positive and more. Through the whole book he was a very good person a perfect example of a leader.

- good discussion, but the examples you cited could have been discussed further. Paul was the main character and a lot of details and traits could have been explained further with regard to charcterization.